Diary: 9/6/2017

Today not much happened. This morning, I got a text back from a friend of mine agreeing to hang out over the weekend. I’m really excited about seeing her again, she’s a really cool friend. Other than that, in the morning I looked out the window and the world is still on fire around here, the fires now total over 200k acres, if I recall correctly. It’s gross. Smoke is so thick in the air it looks like midwinter grey, except that it’s so hot out you couldn’t mistake it if you tried.

Miles hasn’t gotten back to us, and apparently when Belle asked how it went at the coast he said, “there were a lot of learning experiences.” So we’ll see if I don’t have to wait for some reason or other to go back to work.

This entry isn’t very coherent, but I’m like dying of tired eyes and groggy head. I took a nap in the middle of the day and never quite recovered today.

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