Diary of a Saint: 9/5/2017

Yesterday was a nothing day. Belle and I both slept for most of the day, and neither of us worked. We watched a few episodes of the office around 6, but other than that, hardly anything.

This morning I decided that since I’ve been seeing this lost cat on facebook for the last day or so, that I might as well take a walk around the neighborhood and at least make a passing attempt at finding her. It was fairly gray outside, because of the smoke from the fire. It was also raining ash. Which was not so great. No luck on finding Ember, though.

I did manage to visit Belle, though. Today’s breakfast was a strawberry apple juice (from the grind) at about 10 or so. And while I was at the beer porch, I saw that a rooster had found his way into the locked farm stand. That was pretty cool.

Belle has two or three dates in the next two weeks, I think. The stuff that’s coming up next for me is Maya’s (my little sister) birthday tomorrow, potentially movie night on Friday (pulp fiction, maybe), Zach’s birthday party on saturday, and maybe a hang-out with our friend Corrine. So I’m actually not doing awful on being social, either. (Which is nice). I’ve got a few bars that I want to hit up that look like they could be super fun too, so I’ll hope to slide those in when I can.

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