Diary of a Saint: 9/4/2017

Yesterday, I said I was going to do some stuff. I did not. Instead, I sorted out my bag and procrastinated until Belle got home. After Belle got home, we decided to go pick up our car, which we had left at a friend’s house after walking home from a party. On our way, we ran into a friend of ours and had a nice heartfelt conversation with her. After picking up the car, we spent the rest of the evening relaxing (as the Lunch Club had already played tennis earlier in the day, foiling our plans to play disc golf).

In the evening, we decided to go visit the Lunch Club at their bachelor pad (that sounded pretty gross, sorry). So we walked over, and when we arrived, the whole crew was there (Matt, Jacob, Daniel, and Brad). I decided to join Matt, Jacob, and Brad in a game of Arabian Knights (nights?), while Belle and Daniel decided to watch TV and chill on the couch. It was a pretty chill night, but we ended up going until like 10:30, which is pretty late for us losers on a sunday.

On the way home, Brad (who agreed to give us a ride home, and is the best, shoutout to Brad) took us to McDonalds, and we got some garbage food to fill us up for the night. It was a good night, overall.

As I write this, Belle is currently making various loud banging noises in our bedroom. I leave to investigate.

Update: Belle would like to inform you all that she was making loud noises in the bathroom, and definitely not the bedroom. (Also, everything’s good)

And in the shrouded wood, among briars and limbs twisted together by life’s wild notions, they live secret lives, born and nurtured by nature’s own womb. Dozen upon dozen, cloistered together in hanging cathedrals. Under summer’s golden days, they are undone. Sweetened by sunlight and swollen from drinking sweet summer rains, they are undone. It happens quickly, the fading to blackness. And in the darkness, they disappear, stolen away by the robed spirits of the forest. For it is in their undoing, that they may rise again. And so it is that briars rise.

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