Saturday Morning Weigh In with Belle

Author: Belle

Happy Saturday! I am fortunate enough to have Saturday mornings off work, so I get to sleep in and relax this morning instead of asking customers if they want cream in their coffee. And I’m choosing to spend it writing to you lovely people! (and digging into a salad. Man, do I love me some avocado.)

Today I want to dive in a little more on the weight loss story from yesterday. As per our Slow Carb Diettoday is our cheat day! That means we get to pack as many nutrients and calories into our day as we feel like.

Since this is probably when I’ll be the lightest during the week consistently, I’ve decided that Saturday Morning Weigh-In is a new weekly feature on the blog. Before eating in the morning (and after a visit to the john) I’ll hop on the scale and record my measurements. (I do have photos of my “before” body from last February, and those will go up when I have something to pair them with! We gotta fix that camera.)

May 27 2017

Whoa!! I managed to go down two whole TI from Tuesday! (Normally I’m not sure this would be a good thing, and actually it’s probably not, but I had terrible indigestion for three days from something completely unrelated to the diet so I feel inclined to enjoy my silver lining.)

We’ve been working together on creating healthy eating habits, and that’s been pretty critical to my success, at least. Gabe was the one who found the ketogenic diet last year and figured out how to get me started on it, and his rock climbing hobby is what got us to a nice gym pretty consistently for a few months over the winter. (That, and my mom’s very generous wedding gift of a membership that we could otherwise not dream of affording!) Building muscle at the rock climbing gym was really hard, since I was forcing 185 pounds or so of mostly sedentary tissue to heave itself up a wall by clinging to various plastic protrusions. My hands and feet got stronger, my arms and legs got stronger and WAY more flexible, and my back/hip problems actually started easing. After a climb, some cardio, stretching, and a shower, I got to sit in the sauna and feel my body rejuvenating, and the whole experience was enormously refreshing. I started falling in love with my body more every time I got to sit in that sauna and reflect on what I could feel. I had (and still have) discomfort where heavy sagging folds over on itself, but in recent months that problem has been reduced by a considerable amount, and it’s exciting! It’s making me more eager to eat healthier food and keep moving my body athletically.


Okay, I think that’s today’s weigh in! Tune in next week for updates!




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