Welcome back my happy little campers! We’re here for another episode of our hit new show, my diary! Also, Mikey is always stealing my thunder. Darn him for lookin’ so cool.

This week has been a bit tiring honestly. Not because of the website or anything, actually. My lovely wife, Belle, has been off her meds (generic lexapro for anxiety/depression). The reasons don’t exactly matter, but suffice it to say that we both need them. I’ve been taking mine, but I finally managed to convince Belle to come into the doctor with me and start her meds up again. So by this point, we finally have a supply of both of our meds, which will help us both level out our moods a little.

Uh, just to make it clear to everybody–I mean, this is only the second post, you guys are just getting to know me– I love my wife very much. In a relationship, your stress (and your partner’s stress) can be extremely stressful to your partner (and vice-versa). This means that being able to control your stress and be the best you, even when things are hard, is absolutely key to your own ability to be in a relationship. This means that, because I want to be my best me (for Belle, if you want), I do certain things like take my antidepressants and take my ADD meds (adderall) if I need to do work that day, purely because I know that if I don’t I’m not making a proper effort to present my best face to the world (and therefore my wife). Anyway, I’m not here to push you towards medication you don’t want to take. We found what’s worked for us, and you have to do the same, maybe meds aren’t for you.

In brighter news, we’ve kept up with the rotation stunningly! I’ve written all my articles for the week so far, and I have ideas prepped for my next Book Club and for my next Gardening with Gabe. All-in-all the website is going as well as I could have wished. I’d say where I have hang-ups is that I’m pretty deeply unsure about how we’ll start pushing the supporter side of this project. I’m not going to stop chipping away at ideas until I get something, obviously, but it isn’t going super quickly. Ideally, I want all the informational articles to be freely available, as I don’t want anyone to have to pay for knowledge that’s so easy to find. Our supporter articles or content will hopefully be based around us and our interests, that way people who support us will have extra fun and informative content, but everybody will be able to get the meat of our wealth of knowledge.

Oh! As a postscript to my main website blurb, I want to say that I am aware that our website needs more images. We’re currently getting our camera ready to start taking some pictures around Saint Johns, so hopefully we’ll have a whole bunch of tasteful shots for you to sip up while you’re chomping on our articles. Admittedly, that won’t happen immediately, so in the meantime I’ll be doing my best to keep it interesting with some stock imagery and stuff.

In other news about me, I lost my drivers license and passport (in my house, I’m only an idiot, not a buffoon) about a month ago, and I’m on a mission today to find it. To do so, I’m going to have to tear through all of the stuff I haven’t been touching because I don’t want to sort it out (think of those boxes in your house from when your family moved years ago 1). I am vaguely unhappy about that, but it has to get done, so I’ll do it.

I’ve also discovered that in Saint Johns I have allergies again. I’m not quite sure what’s causing it, but we’ve just hit spring and the pollen in the air seems to have been replaced with itching powder. If it continues this bad, I’ll probably be letting you guys know what meds I’ve been using this time next week. Look forward to that, maybe.

Okay! I’ve just been off to clean for a few hours, and the place is looking much better, so I’m back to write a bit more in my diary. Actually, before we get into that, taking breaks when you hit a block and doing something else can help you be more productive. See, when you take a break and clear your head often times you’ll come back to impossible looking problems with a new eye for previously unseen possibilities. Actually, I personally think it can help you with almost anything, especially if there’s a lot of elements to your problem. That said, it’s not a good reason to procrastinate. So in the end good judgement is key. Darn.

Anyhow, I’ve been listening to this podcast called My Dad Wrote A Porno, and it is amazing. And horrifying. I’ll be very clear, his dad isn’t exactly a paragon of the written word, so this is not sexy. It is hilarious though. Obviously, since it’s a novel, I needed to (and definitely urge you to) start at the beginning. Honestly though, it almost makes me want to write something of that sort (smut), except not bad? Maybe I’ll make the writing of part on the patreon. Maybe with the explicit bits stripped out for the patreon version? Obviously I’d have to then figure out some way of getting the excluded bits to the people that want to see them.

Honestly though, it could be a valuable experiment: figuring out how to write something that is by definition sexual in nature without making the reader feel gross. That sounds like I’m against sex, I’m not (I’m very sex positive or whatever). What I am saying though, is that smut is notoriously easy to write in a way that will upset your stomach to read 2. This article, from Digital Spy, is full of particularly good examples of bad writing. For my viewers’ protection, I will only reference one quote from the article (and thusly the book). Prepare yourselves:

“His voice is warm and husky like dark melted chocolate fudge caramel… or something.”

Now, notice how you probably cringed. I’ll be the first to point out that in this snippet there is no smut. Somehow it still manages to be unbelievably off putting. I would advance the notion that upon the introduction of real sexuality of any nature would make it exponentially harder to not make the reader gag. I don’t actually think that people would want to read the porn, not that I would discourage them from doing so, but an exploration of the process of writing a even chapter or two could be fascinating.


  1. From The Incredibles (from IMDB):

    Helen: I’m calling to celebrate a momentous occasion. We are now *officially* moved in.

    Bob: That’s great, honey. And the last three years don’t count because…

    Helen: Because I finally unpacked the last box. Now it’s official! Ha ha ha! Why do we have so much junk?

  2. I’m looking at you Rocky Flintstone. 3
  3. Dad as referenced in My Dad Wrote A Porno

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