Belle’s Diary: Slow Carb Diet

Author: Belle

Hey guys! It’s me today. I’m gonna pop in for a quick blog post before I head to work. I’ve been working on improving my body weight and fitness over the years and I’m here to share some of my story.

I weighed 225 lbs (I’m a 5’5″ female) in February of 2016 and started the ketogenic diet. Simply, “keto” for me meant obtaining 75% of my calories from fat, 15% from protein, and 10% from carbs (basically fiber only!). The first week on the diet was ROUGH, because I made the terrible decision to jump right in instead of tapering down to it. Let me tell you something about suddenly increasing your fat intake and decreasing your fiber intake: that porcelain throne makes you feel like the queen of death.

Once acclimated, I stuck with it for about five months and got down to about 180 lbs, which is where I floated for the remainder of 2016 and into 2017. My body started changing enough that I slowly let go of my strict calorie and nutrient counting, and we’re picking up from this month, when we discovered S L O W  C A R B.


**I’ll do a post about keto next, it treated me quite well and I have a lot to share, including before and after pics!**

Slow Carb Basics

A typical day on slow carb (for me) includes about one cup of cooked beans/lentils/peas, roughly a head of lettuce or other leafy green, a few eggs or ounces of fish or bacon, a few seasonal veggies, and maybe combining those above items into soups or salads. (Fresh citrus juice goes into a very light vinaigrette for salads but right now heavy fat isn’t sitting great with me, so I’m sticking with leaner meals. Treats my belly better atm.) No real calorie-counting is necessary, as long as you’re not seeing your weight trend up when you’re trying to go down. Have between 3-6 smaller meals through the day. Rely on a few basic meals prepped and easy throughout the week without too much variation.


You take one cheat day a week. Every week. Same day.

Slow carb cheat days are a chance for you to pack as many nutrients and junk food into your body as possible. It keeps your body from switching to starvation mode, which is when a lot of dieters end up falling off their wagon. It’s an essential part of the diet. If you skip your cheat day you’re skipping your body’s natural re-up on all those sweet tasty nutes, which could leave you feeling drained and wanting to quit that next week.

The pros and cons of this diet seem like they fit our lifestyle well right now. We’ve planted lots of lettuce and salad mixes, snap peas, string beans, green onions and other herbs for flavor like basil and mint, and even a bell pepper. By looking at what we want to be putting in our bodies first and then planting it, we’ve invested ourselves in our diet (literally) and can feel great knowing our organic veggies are coming right from our own home garden. (I’ll do another blog post on the ethics of food production, it’s pretty close to my heart and also close to climate change.)

Our garden also hosts some cheat day goodies too! Right now there’s a sweet rosé grape seedling starting in a pot and some blue aztec corn to make funky popcorn.

That’s about all I have time for today! Hope you guys liked the lowdown on slow carb! If you’re hungry for info I’ll direct you to the Reddit discussion and Timothy Ferriss’ book that introduced the diet (and some other cool stuff! Check out his other books, they’re interesting.)



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