Brag post: Dechlor

We did it!

Water in our area is treated with chloramine, which does not bubble out of water. Chloramine is added to the water to prevent fungus, algae, mold, etc from growing in it, which means we’re less susceptible to certain diseases when drinking it, but it isn’t great for organic gardening. Think about it: if you kill ALL of the possible bacterial or fungal life in the water, then it probably kills the stuff in the soil you pour it on, too.

So, in order to avoid that, we set up a 55-gallon drum which we fill from the municipal chlorinated tap water, then treat the tub with a dechlorinator (Microbe-Lift, but you could/should use any/the cheapest option). To prevent us from having to carry buckets inside every time we want water, Gabe put a bulkhead into the bottom of the drum, which is connected to a pump, which in turn is connected to a flexible hose that runs through our window (did I mention this is outside our back window?) and wherever we choose to direct it.

We’ll have pictures up on the Instagram sometime soon to show it off! It’s a simple little system but we think it’ll save us a lot of time. Simple tricks like this save us a lot of time in the long run, especially if the activity that you’re avoiding is particularly odious or time consuming (like carrying buckets through a window).

With love,

Belle & Gabe

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