Book Club

Welcome to the Book Club! Today’s article is essentially all the very basics about my little novel project that I already have drafted out.

Our story is set in a world called Valdur. Valdur is very generally Earth-like; physics and such work much as they would in our world. The major metaphysical difference is that in Valdur there exists a sort of essential energy in the world, much like chi exists in the body in Chinese metaphysical models. This energy gives birth to a set of phenomena known as magic. As to magical creatures or beings, their existence is generally linked to a more magically rich environment (like how salt-water fish can’t usually live in fresh-water).

That all being said, Valdur is an entire world, so we need to zoom in on our only defined continent: Kaplamor. Kaplamor is a fairly young continent as far as civilization is concerned. The cultures have gone through a lot of churning through the years to get to where we are now, but as of yet all that just has to be assumed. Our continent holds five major nations at this point: The Kingdom of So’Ash Vatar, the Associated Fae Tribes of Spol Brington, the Free State of Croalia, the Oscari Nomadic Tribes, and the Cardamom Barony. Basic pitches are as follows:

The Kingdom of So’Ash Vatar is an extremely old kingdom that has had a semi-recent calamity resulting in the ghost-pocalypsing of a good third of their usable land. This has made them extremely wary of magic, foreigners, and stuff.

The Associated Fae Tribes of Spol Brington are the Fae tribes that spread across the center of the continent, claiming all of the deep rainforests for their own. Aside from their societal cultivation of mega-flora in the form of Yggdrasil-style world-trees, not a whole lot is known about them. Oh, and they have a loosely formalized system of nations, I think.

The Free State of Croalia is where our story begins. It is a generally trade-based society where merchant families battle for control of territory and business supremacy. So basically modern America. But more. Lots of bureaucracy.

The Oscari Nomadic Tribes inhabit the Oscari Desert Bowl, an impact-crater style ring of mountains inside which is a harsh land protected from the niceties of easy living by impassable mountains. Not much is known about the tribes here yet.

And the Cardamom Barony, a society based on slaving. I kinda wanted an obviously ethically questionable nation in the mix. They export spices and such, and because of their captive labor force they are able to specialize in their everyday lives. Think basically the Spartan pattern, except probably not with just fighting?

Okay! So that was today’s Book Club! I hope you’ve enjoyed it, and I’ll be working more on the book over the week so that next meeting is even better.

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