Programming Note: Weekly Schedule

Our Weekly Rotation:


“Gardening with Gabe” This will be a weekly article on a subject relating to ‘organic’ gardening, through the eyes of a relatively new gardener. The first article will probably just explain gardening and what we mean when we say ‘organic’.




“Saint Gabe’s Organics” The podcast will be published today, along with the show notes.




“Diary of a Saint” My personal diary. Additional sections might include tidbits such as, ‘what I’m listening to’ or ‘resource roundups’ of various interesting videos, podcasts, articles, or books (along with commentary on them). Generally, this will also include an update on my plants.


“Book Club” This will probably be half a running commentary on books I’ve been reading, and half project updates and snippets of my work on my pet project: a novel. We’ll see how it shapes up.


Sunday is going to be my personal rest day. No article today, sorry.

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