Diary of a Saint: 5/19/2017

Writer: Saint Gabe


I will start with a key point: Saint Gabe is entirely a moniker taken in good humor. No offense is intended.

Diary Entry (5/19/2017)


What am I listening to right now?

Right now, I’m listening to The Adventure Zone, a Dungeons and Dragons sort of podcast put out by the McElroy Brothers (of podcasting fame). I’m a huge fan of the podcast, but I’d definitely recommend listening from the start, as the running story is pretty crucial to understanding and enjoying the show.

Into the weeds a little bit: Right now, the show is in a sort of transitional period where they’re kind of in between one campaign and another. They’re playing a game based on the Powered by the Apocalypse system as a sort of story interlude while they decide whether to move to another game system. I could be wrong though, that’s just how I understand it right now.

Resource Roundup:

One of my habits is that I have an almost insatiable hunger for new ideas. This has often taken the form of podcasts or audiobooks, but lately with the amount of valuable information on YouTube I’ve found more and more useful creators to follow there. So without further ado, I present an unordered list with footnotes:

America Before Columbus

This documentary is fascinating because it makes quite clear the influence that mankind has had on our ecology here in the Americas. Essentially, no creature has been left untouched by the side effects of our way of life. Also, it kind of seems like it tries to make the grayness of the situations it portrays, which is excellent. Big fan of this video, it’s a good watch.

The Secret Life of Crows

Okay, this one is another really fascinating video. A few valuable points: crows are super dope, crows are beautiful, and humans have weird jobs. This is really good to watch, because crows are basically everywhere, which makes it pretty applicable to basically everyone. Make yo’self smarter, bud.

Diary Entry:

Last week I ordered a bunch of bulk fabric pots from an online provider, whom will not yet be named, but will be linked for transparency. My order was:

50x 2 Gal fabric pots

10x 5 gal fabric pots

10x 10gal fabric pots

Lotsx Assorted Saucers

I’m really excited to be getting this stuff in today! I think I’ll be starting some potatoes and lentils or beans in pots pretty soon, so as soon as I figure out how to take competent pictures, I’ll do my best to be uploading shots of the garden and projects. All I’ve done with the pots as of yet has been to separate a few little guys that had temporarily been potted into one pot together (Two basil seedlings, a pepper seedling, a mint*, and a pair of tomato seedlings). I potted them into 5x 2 gallon root pots, where they’ll probably stay until I decide whether to move them outside or keep them inside.

Honestly though, aside from that I’m a bit at a loss for what to do with my day. I’m feeling a bit anxious though, like I’m avoiding doing something. I can’t for the life of me think of what it would be, though. I suppose it could be that I’m not quite sure what our content schedule looks like past today.

Okay, I suppose I’ve seized on it there, I’m going to spend today drawing up a weekly schedule for my posts. I’m going to commit to having one week of content scheduled out, which will most likely become the weekly rotation of content, at least until we can easily do content in other media. My best guess is that post will be up with this one.

*Actually, Belle swears that it’s a mint, but I’m not really sure. Label your plants, people.

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