Ours started officially in a doughnut shop, compliments of a scruffy sequined dude with a curly black broom.

This is a shot from the beginning of our wedding this March (2017) [pc ig:@keziasetyawan] before we jumped over that broom, and it feels right to let our officiant lead the way in our maiden blog post!

We’re Gabe and Belle Auld. To catch some of our story (and see more great photos by Kezia), check out our About page.

GabeShannonwedding-20.jpg   GabeShannonwedding-70.jpg

We’re here because we want to learn and share.

Those are our primary reasons for putting a podcast and website together. We spend a lot of time reading articles and listening to podcasts about STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) and talking about them, and we figured if we’re passionate about it, we might as well pursue it!

Organic Gardening

A shared interest of ours, organic gardening is an approach to building a naturally sustainable (self-perpetuating) system that breaks down waste and produces food. Ideally it also serves the rest of the existing biology surrounding it, helping the healthy garden integrate its benefits to the extended area.


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